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PBS holds the exclusive marketing, manufacturing and distribution rights for Arthroderm Duo™. This is an innovative fixed combination transdermal drug patch used in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis. The technology used in this product is currently being patented.


The topical route of drug delivery (drug absorbed through the skin), also known as transdermal drug delivery, is being increasingly used for the administration of drugs for pain relief. Transdermal drug delivery avoids many of the risks and problems associated with oral or intra-articular delivery. Intra-articular drug delivery suffers from poor patient compliance through problems such as needle phobia, and requires a skilled person to administer, thus hindering self-medication. Oral drug delivery is significantly hampered by high first pass metabolism, whereby large proportions of the administered drug is inactivated in the gastrointestinal system. This leads to a requirement for high drug doses and frequent administration, further exacerbating side effects and leading to poor patient compliance.

Transdermal drug delivery is non-invasive and avoids breaching of the skin, which reduces the chance of infection and increases patient compliance. It is also easier to modulate the rate of transdermal drug delivery and variations between patients in terms of drug metabolism are markedly reduced.

Clinical Advantages

Arthroderm Duo™ has clear advantages over existing formulations and methods. It is easier to administer, avoids high first pass metabolism and reduces unwanted side effects. The present formulation is useful in avoiding the use of oral and intra-articular formulations. In a medical practice setting this would save time and allow the treatment of joints and IA to be administered by patients in their own home.


Future Products

Plans for future development include additional ideas and technologies to be created by Dr Sacha Simon as part of the ongoing Research & Development for PBS. In addition, PBS may seek to acquire technologies developed by others once it attains sufficient capitalisation to do so. It is the objective of PBS to both innovate and market its products. Once an industry reputation has been achieved and marketing channels opened, expansion into other medical device areas becomes potentially rewarding.

providenceAccording to the Prescription Pricing Authority, in 2005, £341 million was spent on anti-inflammatory drugs in the UK.
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